Veneers That Come Off, And Maybe They Have To Stay On

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Most of the time, the teeth veneers will not be staying in indefinitely. Sometimes, teeth veneers east los angeles installations will only be in for a few days. Other times, patients may need to keep them in longer. For a few weeks, maybe even months. There’s good reasons for this, of course. And that’s the main purpose of the veneers, see. It acts as a protective device for the patient’s teeth and gums. This is a usual requirement after extensive treatment work has been completed and an uninterrupted healing period is required.

A good example of this is when adults are being fitted with dental implants. The new implants usually require weeks, if not, months of healing time. You must just remember that these implants have been placed into the bone. Over a period of time, they must be allowed to fuse. What this effectively means is that the tooth implant literally grows into the bone. And it cannot do so effectively, in fact, it may never happen, if there is too much interference from your usual everyday activities.

With the most obvious example being that of the everyday consumption of food. Even regular brushing could be an impediment. This of course may seem ironic because of course, we all know that regular brushing and flossing is necessary. This is why the teeth veneers are just so important. They act as important protective shields against all of those everyday activities. Of course, this is never an open invitation to go wild with bad habits. For instance, people who smoke must now think seriously about giving up this bad habit altogether if they are ripe for dental implants.

Because with or without veneers, this could impact negatively.